Quilt Chair

Fall 2010
  • Materials: American Cherry, Steel, Brass
  • Dimensions: 23 D X 18 W X 31 H inches
  • Description:

    The Quilt chair is an investigation into the union of soft textural form language and hard materials. A play on a traditional quilted pattern, the design pairs digital modelling and CNC technology with hand finishing techniques in order to push the limits of how we perceive wooden surfaces.

    photo by Mark Johnston


MT Slat Chair read details

Fall 2010
  • Materials: Black Walnut
  • Dimensions: 24 L X 22 W X 32 H inches
  • Description:

    The MT, short for mortise and tenon, relies solely on joinery (and glue) to create a rigid structure. Made of domestic black walnut, the goal of the design was to create a simple, attractive, and reproduceable chair that reserved the potential for experimentation with the application of upholstered elements.